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in Saint Petersburg, Russia  June 2008


Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Based Therapy of Childhood Diarrhea
W. John Martin,1 Miguel Reyes Guzman,2 Rafael Chacon Fuentes,2 Carlos E. Mena,2 Emillio Penate2  and Rafael Ruiz Izaguirre,2

Institute of Progressive Medicine, Burbank CA USA1 and Benjamin Bloom National Children’s Hospital, El Salvador2

Background: Acute diarrhea is a major killer of children under 5 years of age in developing countries. It is commonly caused by bacteria but can also be caused by viruses, such as rotavirus. The infectious agents impair the cellular energy requiring normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract leading to diarrhea. Cellular energy is derived through the oxidative metabolism of foods and also through a biophysical “alternative cellular energy” (ACE) pathway. The term enerceuticals™ refers to compounds and formulations that can deliver ACE to plants, animals and humans. ENERCEL® is such a formulation that has found widespread use in a number of illnesses attributable to impaired cellular energy. The present study evaluated the use of ENERCEL®as therapy for children in El Salvador presenting to a hospital emergency room with acute diarrhea.

Methods: Two 3 ml intramuscular injections of ENERCEL® were administered as an adjunct to routine care to a randomized grouping of children less than 5 years of age with acute diarrhea (n=58). The control patients (n=53) received routine care. The clinical progress of the two groups was assessed during a 24 hour hospitalization period and again at 48 hours after hospital discharge.

Findings: ENERCEL® treated children showed significantly improved clinical outcome compared to children who only receive routine care. A noticeable effect was observed at the 24 hour hospitalization time point and confirmed when the children were reexamined 48 hours after hospital discharge. At this time, there were fewer children in the ENERCEL® treated group than in the controls with persisting increased peristalsis(p<0.001), moderate dehydration (p=0.0224),, fever (p=0.0126) and continued multiple bowel movements (p=0.0035). Benefit occurred in both rotavirus antigen positive and rotavirus negative child ren with acute diarrhea.

Interpretation: ENERCEL® provides an effective adjunct to the routine care of young children with acute diarrhea in developing countries. ENERCEL® represents a class of broadly acting non-toxic enerceuticals™ that can seemingly enhance the body’s capacity to regain normal cellular function through the ACE pathway. Enerceuticals™ provide an attractive alternative to disease specific pharmaceuticals in the therapy of many illnesses of both infectious and non-infectious origin. 

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